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policies and rule list


Conduct transactions according to general rules




The Neicsa provides local buyers with the ability to search, learn, and enter transactions with vendors. However, it's important that Neicsa is not a part of these deals. By purchasing from Neicsa, you will understand:

 1- You do not buy directly from Neicsa, but you are buying directly from vendor.

2- Neicsa does not guarantee the seller’s produces sold on the site or any item they place (such as mismatching the images and details used in the store listing, etc.)

3- Each seller at Neicsa has different payment methods, order processing time, shipping methods and sales rules.

You can use the Neicsa communication system to communicate directly with vendors. This communication system should not be used for the following activities:


Interference occurs when a member intentionally intervenes in another member's business to drive his business. Intervention in others' business at Neicsa is prohibited. samples

Interventions include:


Putting an outlook on products is a great way to introduce a vendor and help sellers to gain reputation. By posting your views on your products and vendors, you are announcing:



Extortion in Neicsa is not allowed. Any attempt to change views through intimidation, intimidation, or bribery is prohibited and strictly prohibited in Neicsa. Examples of extortion are given below Is:


Collusion on Neicsa is forbidden. Collusion is a method of fraud in which there is a lot of advertising to create a fake reputation for a store. In this way, with a high degree of sales, a reliable seller It seams. Views must reflect honest, impartial, based on findings, believers, or experience of the buyer.


By placing the image on the website of Neicsa, you are guaranteed that:


As a member of Neicsa, you have the opportunity to create and upload content types, such as a username, comment, text, photo, and movie. To create a secure and respectful environment, you are also committed to include items

Do not upload:




Neicsa is a marketplace where you can sell handmade, natural items and handicrafts directly to buyers in Iran and other countries. We want to be sure

Be sure you and your buyers have a positive experience at Neicsa. Please read the following for more information about your rights, as well as what you expect as a salesperson.


What do we see in Neicsa?

Neicsa is a unique market. Buyers visit our site to purchase items they cannot access elsewhere. Anything sold on Neicsa

It must be a handmade product, or produced by an artisan or artisan.

Handmade Items Items made by you, or designed by you and made with the help of a manufacturer. It is also in line with our ethical policies.

If your product is in the handmade products section

To sell, you need to show that your items are made in accordance with our handmade policies. You agree that:


All items are designed by you. If you are working with an outside manufacturer who has designed something for you, you should ask the manufacturer to choose the ethics of your choice of production partners.


You use your own images - not stockholders 'and partners' pictures, or artistic images, or photos used by other vendors or other sites.

Crafts include tools, components, or materials intended to be used to create a new handmade item. Commodities made ready for exploitation are the ultimate commodity that is handcrafted

Neicsa sells.

What products and services can not be sold at Neicsa?


Handcrafted items, handcrafts and all products that violate our intellectual property policy and are not based on our ethical policies are prohibited items and are not allowed to be sold at Neicsa.

Resale at Neicsa is not allowed. Reselling the sale of an item is in the manual category, while your product has not completed the handmade production process. In general, you are allowed to resell

You do not have any items that you did not design or build. Keep in mind that members and users will reflect Neicsa violations in their views.

Honestly introduce yourself, your store and your products


One of the core values ​​of Neicsa is transparency. It means that you honestly and accurately introduce yourself, your products, and your business. By selling at Neicsa, you agree that:

Honestly describe the products and their production procedures, accurate information in their profile profiles.

By maintaining the principles and policies of your store, select products and publish on the site.

List your products and pictures clearly.

Respect the intellectual property rights of others. If you encounter someone violating your property rights, report it to Neicsa.

Avoid changing prices caused by currency or monetary changes after the contract is concluded.

Do not register duplicate stores


Interact with other Neicsa users


You can use the Neicsa Communications System (CRC) to communicate directly with buyers or other members. This communication system should not be used for the following activities:

Post unwanted promotions or public ads, requests for grants, or spam

Harassment or abuse of other members

Contact someone after you have explicitly asked you to contact him.

Intervention in the transaction or business of other members

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